Wedding Reggia Venaria
Mara & Diego
Reggia Venaria , Venaria , Turin

Wedding Reggia Venaria – photographer

You know! When a friend tell you, a couple of my friends get married and I think you would be the right photographer! Firstly they get married at the Reggia di Venaria. Basically the first time I met Mara and Diego it was at the house of a mutual friend. The future bride began to tell me broadly how she imagined her wedding. Some things were not yet sure but both were certain that they would marry at the Reggia di Venaria.


Mara and Diego have been living together for several years . They also have a wonderful baby so they decided to make an extraordinary preparation, I found it super cute!As can be seen they got ready together at home and then dressed Aurora. Aurora is one of the sweetest and smartest girls I’ve ever known.
Once ready they reached the Reggia di Venaria always together and entered this most unique and rare location. I must say perhaps one of the most spectacular we have in Turin.

At first they walked the distance from the main entrance to the civil ceremony hall where they would have to enter one at a time. Despite everything planned was changed. At the end the was a very sweet entry for the bride, groom and baby in her arms which was truly moving.
For those who ask, the ceremony at the Royal Palace has real validity also because a representative of the municipality comes for the ceremony.
Afterwards the photo shoot was made around the whole Palace (accompanied by one of their guides). We took photos both in the gardens of the Reggia di Venaria and in the internal spaces but above all in the wonderfully elegant and imposing Diana gallery. Diana’s Gallery is that gallery with a black and white checkerboard floor and white windows (unfortunately I was not allowed to publish these photos here because the Royal Palace did not want to)


Le 5 frecce was a location that I still did not know and I must say that I was amazed, with a well-kept garden, a wonderful porch if you want to have lunch or dinner outdoors sheltered from the rain or the sun. The newlyweds have decided to opt for an indoor reception with a travel theme.
At this point you can see that the party was wonderful thanks to the many surprises that witnesses and friends in general reserved for them.

Here you can find a selection of the photos of Mara and Diego’s wedding at the Reggia di Venaria.

photographer : Blancorazon Wedding

Location : Le 5 Frecce

Civil Ceremony : La reggia di Venaria


wedding Reggia Venaria

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