Tuscany elopement photographer

Alice & Claudio
Tuscany , Italy

Tuscany elopement photographer

To be a Tuscany elopement photographer is something we always dreamt about it.

If you are reading this blog you are probably looking for your wedding photographer in Tuscany. A photographer who can enclose all your emotions and memories of such a special day.

Tuscany is undoubtedly an area as sought after as it is beautiful with a lot to offer.

Intimate wedding between the villages of Tuscany.

Alice and Claudio would have really wanted to seal their love in a year that hardly allowed them to celebrate big. 2020 was a special year so instead of postponing everything they decided to postpone only the big party but get married in a big way. And yes, because it doesn’t mean that if you don’t get married with 150 200 guests it won’t be as beautiful.

The spouses of this elopement decided to promise each other eternal love in a wonderful setting in the Tuscan hills. The beauty of this stone village covered with ivy can be seen from the photos, it seems fabulous.

Alice decides that everything had to be perfect, that her intimate wedding in Tuscany shouldn’t have been different because the guests couldn’t attend. Having said that, she wore the dress of her dreams, that was their moment and nothing should have been missing.

Tuscany Elopement’s first dance

Moreover, it was a day with black clouds that at the perfect moment opened slightly and let a magical light filter through.

The moment when this light so beautiful and so strange came for about 5 minutes was wonderful and super emotional. At that moment we started the song of what should have been the first dance of their wedding and it became the first dance of the elopement. A truly unique moment!

Have you ever thought of making an intimate elopement / wedding without having to give up anything?You would do the dressing, the ceremony, the promises as well as the first dance.

We leave you here a selection of the images of the elopement in Tuscany.

Photo & Video : Blancorazon Wedding

Bride Dress : Nicole Spose

Groom Dress : Carlo Pignatelli

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