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Theresia & Thomas
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Today we are talking about the honeymoon photo shoot made in Rome. Theresia and Thomas contacted me via facebook a month before their arrival in RomeTrevi Fountain Elopement Rome
The future bride wrote to me telling me that they would get married in August and immediately afterwards they would leave for their honeymoon trip to Rome. To begin with, she wrote me in English, when she later left me her cell phone number, she discovered that she is Polish. By chance, for those who don’t know, I also speak Polish thanks to my origins.

Wedding in Poland – Austro-Polish union

You must know that Theresia and Thomas are a mixed couple, he is Austrian and she is Polish. They met several years ago via the network, which I believe now happens to a very large percentage of couples. Initially everyone lived in his country while now they have decided to live in Austria.

Night photo shoot in Rome – Colosseum and Imperial Forums

For those who want to take beautiful photos in the most iconic points of Rome you must know that it is a must to do it at particular times. To put it briefly, particular times would be those with the least turnout, dawn and one of those with few people and beautiful light.
In this case, we met not at dawn but much earlier! Fortunately it was August and therefore it was absolutely not cold indeed! At 5 o’clock in the morning we had an appointment in front of the Colosseum because at 7 o’clock the spouses had to be in St. Peter’s Square for the blessing of the spouses that the Pope makes on Wednesday. I can swear to you that at 5.30 in the morning there was no one, it was spectacular. We started the photo shoot in front of the Colosseum to then do the whole walk because of the imperial forums and arrive in front of the Vittoriano when dusk began.
Making beautiful photos with the Colosseum and the Victorian holes is possible even when there are many tourists. Here I leave you the link to a photo shoot made in broad daylight but taking pictures of the Trevi font is almost impossible.

Wedding photo shoot at the Trevi Fountain – Rome

At about 6:15 we were at the Trevi Fountain. For those who know Rome and the fountain knows that there is usually such a large number of tourists who often close it to ensure that they don’t get close. That’s when there was hardly anyone there, I have to underline almost because we found someone who willingly woke up early. In a word I can describe the feeling of peace and harmony in front of the trevi fountain as spectacular. We took advantage of it and made the shots that many people don’t think can be true.

Blessing of the Pope to the newlyweds

The most important thing for Theresia and Thomas was the Pope’s blessing, so as soon as they finished at the Trevi fountain they immediately went dressed as they were in San Pietro. Just like them there were at least 100 other couples, a good part of which prevented from Poland. Around 12 noon the blessing is over and I have reached the newlyweds again in San Pietro where we have made some more shots now with a warmth that I let you imagine.

It was a photo session of about 3 hours, 2 hours at dawn and then one immediately after the blessing. It was really worth it.
Here I leave you a selection of the photo shoot in Rome (Colosseum-Victorian-Trevi Fountain-San Pietro)

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