How and where to elope in Spain  the complete elopement guide (2024/2025)

Eloping in Spain



How and where to elope in Spain

The first steps are the most exciting, but there can be a lot to think about.

Undoubtedly Spain is one of the most sought after countries in the world for elopements, it has so much to offer and now we would see all the pros and cons and our suggestions step by step. how and where to elope in Spain

We are Patrizia & Josema , elopement photographers based in Spain, with this elopement guide we are going to give you ideas and personal suggestions for your elopement in Spain.


  Elopement Guide in Spain

There are endless possibilities for your big day, there are super romantic cities full of history at every corner like Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and they are not, there are incredible landscapes like those you can find in the Almeria Tabernas Desert or in Canary islands but there are also small ones authentic villages where you will lose yourself in their beauties. Yes, I want to talk to you about those lesser-known places for those looking for something totally different. do you know how and where to elope in Italy

Spain is a place where you can go around beautiful colorful cities full of historical corner and museum or you can also find incredible nature, desert and volcans. You can ride a scooter around Seville or rent a old stylish car in Madrid.

You can find so many option! For each kind of couple from the ones that loves more city and luxury solution to the ones that wanna swim, hike and have a crazy adventurous wedding.

How and where elope in spain


How and where to elope in Spain

Paperwork and legalities may not be the most exciting part of your day, it’s important to know what is possible to do in Spain.

Getting legally married in Spain can be impossible. To get married in Spain, at least one of the parties needs to be a legal resident of Spain, and needs to have been a resident for at least two years.

In the case you’re traveling internationally and want to elope in Spain you can still elope in this beautiful country, and sign the papers at home before or after your ceremony. That way, you can have a beautiful simbolic, romantic and emotional ceremony where you want, without any limits.


Guide to elope in Spain

If you’re planning to elope in Spain and you are open to a simbolic ceremony you need only to think about all the other details.  how and where to elope in Spain.

In Spain, as in the rest of Europe, the wedding bureaucracy is very long and complex.

Spain doesn’t recognize religious and civil wedding ceremonies for foreign couples because you must be resident in the country to get legally married in Spain.
Even for the residents, the process can take months and a lot of organizational stress.
This is why we recommend choosing a symbolic ceremony. Your ceremony will be customized according to your needs.

You can choose a symbolic ritual and exchange your wedding vows in an intimate and romantic atmosphere.
The text of a symbolic ceremony is usually edited by an officiant who customizes it by inserting details on your love story. This will allow you to enjoy a ceremony much more personal, felt and moving than the civil one.

As already mentioned, our personal advise is to get married in your home country and then have a symbolic ceremony in Spain.
We suggest this idea because you both can still exchange the wedding vows and have an intimate ceremony, while not having to worry about the legality of things somewhere foreign to you. 

I can add that if you wanna do a simbolic ceremony you can do that wherever you have in mind on mostly public lands around Spanish cities or in a private location without any particular documents that require time and stress.

How and where elope in spain


There are so many amazing places you can elope in Spain.

We want to mention some places you can elope in Spain to give you an idea of what your wedding day can look like but remember, this list is only a fraction of the places where you can plan your wedding.
There are a whole lot of options: great beaches, ancient cities and beautiful natural destination.

There are much more other places less turistic that we can suggest you to have an autentic Spanish elopement.

We are going to divide Spain in 2 part:

Spain Peninsula

Spanish Islands

There are location and places where the logistic of the elopement and the way to travel there is much more easy, we are going to explain you everything in the next steps.

Elopement in Peninsula Spain : BEST SPOTS

how and where to elope in Spain

The Spanish peninsula has so much to offer: it’s landscapes and cities are very different from each other but are united by a lively culture, good food and very friendly people.
You can enjoy the architectural beauties of its ancient cities, get lost in the colorful
alleys of an Andalusian city, relax on a sunny beach or go hiking in the north of the country.


The best places where to elope in Spain Peninsula.

As for spanish peninsula we would like to talk to you about:

 – Madrid

 – Seville

– Barcelona

– Granada

– Bardenas Reales

– San Sebastian

– Salamanca

– Patones de Arriba

– Cabo de Gata

– Tabernas Desert

– Brihuega

eloping in Spain
Madrid is the capital of Spain. It’s a big city with imperial monuments and palaces.
We can say that is very well equipped with every type of service.
Here you can find some of the most famous museums of Spain. In fact, it is very appreciated by lovers of art and shopping.

MADRID ELOPEMENT : Kjerstin & Geir

eloping in Spain
Seville is the most colorful city in the south of Spain. You will find great food and a vibrant gypsy culture that will surprise you.
You will get lost in the streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood while eating tapas and enjoying a flamenco show.
eloping in Spain


Colorful and youthful, Barcelona is a city full of life. Very crowded, especially in summer, it is a destination which boasts a mild climate all year round.
In Barcelona you have the opportunity to find a mix of cultures and styles from the Roman ruins to the Catalan modernism.



eloping in Granada Spain
Granada is the long-time capital of Moorish Andalusia.
Here you can walk through beautiful gardens, charming narrow streets filled with flowers, sit down in one of those typical taverns to have some tapas and local wine, and breath the centuries of history around you anywhere..


San Sebastian

Spanish San Sebastián is a fashionable seaside city of the Basque Country.
With its beaches and the ocean vibes, it is a destination for surfers from all over the world.
But san sebastian is not only sea. You can find a city with a thousand-year-old culture in which France and Spain join together.


Bardenas Reales

An extravagant nature with incredible semi-desert landscapes welcome you in the south east of Navarra.
Shaped by the water, the wind and the sun, the Bardenas Reales are an amazing environment where you can enjoy the nature and the beauty of a unique scenery.
spain elopement guide
Salamanca is one of Spain’s greatest historical and artistic cities.
It is known for its many outstanding architectural and historical landmarks.
In this city, the Spanish culture echoes in the neighborhoods full of history and the good food you will find in local restaurants.
spain elopement guide

The Tuscany of Spain.
It is a characteristic town which is incredibly similar to Italian Tuscany. You will find cypresses, stone houses and tree-lined avenues that can be the perfect frame for a stylish wedding very near to Madrid.

This is an incredible place to do a two day elopement in Spain, one in Madrid and one in this little beautiful town.

where to elope in spain
Cabo de Gata
Cabo de Gatas is one of the most beautiful corners of Andalusia, where the only real desert in Europe meets some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.
Its rock formations and headlands within the park were the backdrop for famous movies such as Indiana Jones.
where to elope in spain
Tabernas Desert

The Tabernas Desert is the only real inland desert in Europe. Tabernas is within the Andalucia area of southern Spain and it makes for an interesting place to visit.
In fact so much so that the Tabernas Desert has been used by many a filmmaker to represent the southern deserts of the USA in the famous “spaghetti westerns” of Clint Eastwood and other cowboy heroes.

Eloping in the south of Spain here means having an incredible light with this scenery.

where to elope in spain

Brihuega is the small Provence of Spain. Imagine long stretches of lavender fields and incredible sunsets that can be the perfect frame for a romantic wedding.
This place encloses a remarkable monumental heritage and picturesque corners all around.

The best moment to see the lavander fields is between the end of June and mid of July

So if you want to elope in Spain but also have Provence taste this is the place.

Elopement in Spain – the Islands : BEST SPOTS

how and where to elope in Spain

Spanish Islands have so many spots to discover.
You will find very varied landscapes, unspoilt nature and dreamy beaches.
Another great advantage of these islands is the mild climate all year round. You can enjoy 20/25 degrees during all the seasons. This is why these islands can be a great option even during the winter season if you like the sea and the natural landscapes.

We can divide the Spanish Islands in:
– Canary Islands
– Balearic Islands

Canary Islands
The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa, are volcanic islands known for their beaches of white and black sand.
You can find mild temperatures during all the year and a range of outstanding natural attractions: from the vulcanos to the beautiful beaches.
They are perfect for the lovers of surf, nature and hiking.

Balearic Islands
Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Balearic Islands have mostly typical hot-summer Mediterranean climates.
Its four largest islands are Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. They are all popular tourist destinations. Ibiza, in particular, is known as an international party destination.
If you like to party, relax on the beach and enjoy the sea, the Balearic Islands can be a good choice for your wedding.


We are going to talk about each of these places to elope in Spain.

– Tenerife – Black Beach

– Tenerife – Teide Volcano

– Lanzarote

– Fuerteventura

– Gran Canaria – Maspalomas

– Mallorca & Menorca

– Ibiza & Formentera

where to elope in spain

Tenerife – Benijo

The black beach of Tenerife is an enchanted place: a volcanic beach lapped by the sea.

The is no only one black beach in Tenerife but probably the Benijo beach is the most epic one. It’s really similar to the famous black beach in Iceland.
The stretch of black sand is particularly beautiful at sunset, when the sun creates golden light effects.

Tenerife – Teide Volcano
The Teide National Park is the largest in the Canaries.
It is a unique landscape of craters, volcanoes and rivers of petrified lava surrounding the impressive profile of Teide Volcano.

You might know that is easy to arrive here in this beautiful scenery with having to hiking to much.

how and where to elope in Spain


The history of Lanzarote is inextricably linked to its volcanoes. Only in Timanfaya National Park there are 25.
In Lanzarote you will find lunar landscapes to explore with an adventurous hiking but you can also find incredible white beaches.

The landscape is really something unique.


where to elope in spain


The dunes are located within the Corralejo Natural Park. The dunes of Corralejo represent the largest area of sand dunes in the Canary Islands.
The have spectacular views: on one side the sandy coast and the blue of the ocean, on the other the soft dunes typical of the desert.
how and where to elope in Spain
Gran Canaria – Maspalomas
With its rare and striking landscape, the dunes of Maspalomas have become the number one attraction not only in Las Palmas, but throughout Gran Canaria.
You can enjoy a ride on a camel through these endless dunes.
how and where to elope in Spain

Mallorca & Menorca

Alongside its natural heritage, they are a wealth of prehistoric archaeological sites, stately mansions and imposing fortresses. Traditions, culture and great food will wait for you on these two pearls of the Mediterranean Sea.
how and where to elope in Spain

Ibiza & Formentera

Formentera and Ibiza are pristine and wild islands of the Balearic archipelago.
They are a destination for young people who love to have party in many locals and relax in the sun on one of their heavenly beaches.

SPANISH SEASONS: When to elope in Spain?

If you have never been to Spain you should know that we are in a Continental climate.
This country has 4 seasons and we will tell you the pros and cons of deciding to get married in Spain.
Even if subjectively there are no seasons better than others because the temperatures in Spain are particularly mild. This is the reason why you can elope in Spain even during the winter season because you will find good weather and sunny days in most of the Spanish cities and Islands.
Andalusia for example is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy an urban elopement during the winter. In Seville or Granada during January or February you can find 20 degrees and sunny days.
The Canary Islands are also an amazing destination during the whole year. In December you can enjoy a day by the ocean relaxing on the beach or do an hiking in one of the the breathtaking landscapes of the islands.
We can also talk about the desert of Almeria that is perfect for those who want to elope in Spain during the autumn season (from October). There you will find less people around, rent a car to have an adventure in the desert and then relax on the beach.
During the summer (from June to August) most of the cities in Spain can become very hot but there are some options, such as Valencia and Barcelona, that have beautiful beaches. So definitely the possibility to take a bath in the sea helps you to relieve the heat of the summer season.
The Balearic Islands in summer are a very turistic destination. From May, the temperatures rise and give sunny and perfect day to enjoy the crystal clear sea and the white beaches.

Let’s see together season per season which are the best destinations to elope in Spain:


This is the peak season across all Europe and Spain so you will find hot temperatures, crowded places and higher prices across all the country.
The highlight of the summer months in Spain are the beaches.
From the Balearic Islands with their golden beaches and crystal clear sea to the beaches of cities like Valencia and Barcelona.
We can’t advise you to elope in Andalusia in this period because the temperatures are too hot to do anything during your elopement day.
If you like a different kind of landscape, during the summer you can choose to elope to the Basque Country. In this country, you will find beautiful landscapes for those who love nature and adventures. Here It can be more rainy and this is why this region is so green.
Cities like San Sebastian have become excellent destinations thanks to the influx of museums, galleries and other cultural activities.
You can also rent a car to explore the natural and untouched landscapes of Cantabria, Galizia and Asturie.


Most of Spain has a mild climate which allows you to elope in Spain with a great weather even during the winter season especially along cities and coastal regions such as Barcelona, Valencia and Andalusia.
Another great choice in winter for the lovers of the sea and beaches are the Canary Islands. They offer mild temperatures during all the year and a range of outstanding natural attractions: from the vulcanos to the beautiful beaches.
In the Canary Islands, you can elope in winter or autumn and you will still find a place where to relax on the beach, take a bath or have an adventurous hiking.
They are perfect for the lovers of surf, nature and hiking.

Rome Elopement

winter dolomites elopement-00004


This is the season of Semana Santa before Easter which is celebrated in almost every corner of Spain.
Much of the attention for this important period for the Spanish culture focuses on Andalusia and Seville. This is the reason why prices rise during this week and you’ll find a lot of people around the cities.
You will see bands, floats and long processions through the streets.
Depending on where you elope in Spain, the climate changes from fairly hot to hot, particularly in southern regions such as Andalusia and Murcia.
In spring, in some cities such as Barcelona, Valencia or the seaside places of Catatonia, people could even relax on the beach and take a bath in May.


n most of Spain the weather remains sunny and mild until the end of November.
For those who love the sea, Malaga and the Costa del Sol still have a wildly sunny climate to enjoy the beaches.
During the autumn season, we can personally suggest you to come to the Almeria Desert.
There you will find less people around, rent a car to have an adventure in the desert and then relax on the beach.
Also cities such as Seville and Granada are perfect in this period because of the great weather, good prices and less tourists.
Madrid is the biggest city of Spain with a lot of nightlife and artistic culture.
In summer it is too hot to visit so if you are looking for an elopement in Madrid October can be the good choice for you.

spanish elopement guide


Elopement exactly as wedding can be simple or with a lot of flowers and details in an incredible historical location privatized for you. There are no rules about what you have or what you don’t have to do during you elopement. These are some examples of the costs of and elopement in Italy.


  • marriage fee $ 150
  • flights for 2 $ 1200
  • location permit $ 0/ $ 2000
  • 3 night 4/5 stars hotel $ 1500
  • photographer full day $ 8000
  • dress and bride details $ 3000
  • hair and make up $ 500
  • bouquet $ 300
  • floral decoration $ 1500
  • suit and groom details $ 1500
  • private tour and guide $ 500
  • luxury dinner/lunch $ 600
  • officiant $ 400
  • TOTAL: $ 21.150


  • marriage fee $ 150
  • flights for 2 $ 1200
  • location permit $ 300
  • 3 night 3 stars hotel/airbnb $ 500
  • photographer half day $ 3500
  • dress and bride details $ 2000
  • hair and make up $ 500
  • bouquet $ 300
  • suit and groom details $ 1000
  • elopement dinner/lunch $ 300
  • officiant $ 300
  • TOTAL: $ 10.500


  • simbolic wedding $ 0
  • flights for 2 $ 1200
  • location permit $ 0
  • 3 night at simple airbnb $ 300
  • photographer $ 2000
  • dress and bride details $ 500
  • hair and make up $ 0 by yourself
  • bouquet $ 100
  • suit and groom details $ 400
  • TOTAL: $ 4.500


how and where to elope in Spain

  • Admire Seville / Madrid / Barcelona / from a Rooftop during the a drink
  • Rent a old Vespa to ride around Seville
  • Eat the famous Churros in the narrow strees
  • Going for a tapas tour
  • Hike in Canary Islands
  • Skiing in the Dolomites
  • Rent a boat in Retiro Park or Plaza de España in Seville
  • Wine taste Tour in Rioja
  • Eat Jamon 

how and where to elope in Spain


  1. Book your flight
  2.       Google Flight
  3.        Sky scanner
  4. Book your Airbnb/Hotel
  5. Make your inspiration elopement board
  6. Start contacting vendors


Choose the outfit you love but be smart about it! If you are wanting be out in the nature or in the city center all day wear comfrotable shoes! We always suggest to our couples to bring a nice pair of shoes but also to have something to change with. You can totally wear a classic wedding dress but some couple want to wear something more casual. Wear everything you feel is your self!



We are Patrizia and Josema, a wife and husband elopement photographers team. We love elopements and we also eloped in November 2021.

We would love to helping you planning your dream day in Spain, without no rules. An elopement is the experience about you that you will remember forever. Since we are local Spain elopement photographers we can help you in the entire planning suggesting the best location, vendors and timeline for your special day.

Attach a link if you have Pinterest or any other moodboard link inspiration about your vibe
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