Sole Luna Wedding photographer 

Francesca & Giuseppe
Soleluna Village , Albissola , Liguria , Italy

Soleluna wedding photographer

I was so pleased to find out I was going to photograph a wedding in Liguria.  I was choose as their Soleluna wedding photographer .

Francesca and Giuseppe are the young spouses protagonists of this love story. While Francesca already knew her previously thanks to her passion for dance, I only met Giuseppe afterwards.

The pre-wedding photo shoot we did at the Rivoli castle in Turin, is the country where they live.

wedding ceremony on the Beach –  Village Albissola

Francesca’s dream from the first moment was to get married by the sea, get married right on the beach. At our first meeting, he really told me how he would have imagined it. After all, organizing everything remotely and making it real was not that simple.
Despite everything, within 2 months most of the organization had been made, location, theme, dress taken.

A year after this decision, on a hot day in July, we find ourselves by the sea in Albissola Marina, where the Soleluna village is located.
Francesca and Giuseppe got ready in the location residence, a simple structure right in front of the beach.

The soleluna village during the day is a seaside resort, when ceremonies take place they are carried out at the end of the day. Around 7 pm when the bathers had almost completely abandoned the beach, the first guests arrived and at 7.30 pm gazebo, chairs and fittings were all ready.

The light was perfect, the emotion from everyone was perceptible and it was wonderful to see the bride arrive arm in arm with her father. During the ceremony the sand ritual was carried out but the most beautiful thing was the speech that the mother of the bride wrote and had a friend read. It moved everyone! I understood that I was crying like a baby!

Wedding reception at  Albissola

Obviously at the end of the ceremony there were those moments and emotions that I always love to grasp, those sincere and strong embraces! After that, we were taking pictures with the newlyweds just behind the village where a wonderful micro-village is hidden after the atmosphere changes totally.

The reception was made on the beach with the guests who took off their elegant shoes and wore the flip-flops that the newlyweds made for them.
Sand, sea, music and love this is the summary of this wonderful wedding in Albissola in Liguria.

Photographer: Blancorazon wedding

Video: Blancorazon wedding

Venue: SoleLuna Village Albissola

Soleluna Wedding photographer


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