Santorini Elopement Photographer

Carlotta & Nico
Santorini , Greece

Santorini elopement photographer

Oh yes today we are super excited to transport you to such a beautiful place. And yes, we are in the wonderful Santorini to tell you about Carlotta and Nico’s elopement with our photographs. Undoubtedly we are Santorini elopement photographer.

Carlotta and Nico are the protagonists of this love story, I have known Carlotta for several years, since I was still in university. A few years have passed by now. They could not have chosen a more beautiful and romantic place, for us Santorini has a unique charm. When they decided to celebrate their love with an elopement in Santorini and asked us to be accompanied, we could only be happy or even thrilled. Santorini is one of the most famous islands in Greece, where, especially in summer, many couples spend very romantic holidays. We reached the island a few days before the elopement in Santorini in order to get to know and find the most beautiful places on the island for such a unique event.

Sunset in Imerovigli – Santorini

Carlotta and Nico arrived on September 14 in the morning and at sunset the elopement took place in the Imerovigli area with the exchange of promises. In our opinion, Imerovigli is one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of Santorini, maintaining the typical architecture. Although in September it is still high season, here you can always feel an incredible peace, it is difficult to think of being in such a touristy place. Just as the sun went down we took them to a super romantic spot, on a not particularly difficult walk but we stopped after the first few minutes and also from there you can enjoy a wonderful view. This walk starts from Imerovigli and gives you a view of the Caldera and the beautiful Skaros Rock. Right here in front of this spectacle of nature Carlotta and Nico have sworn eternal love.

Photo shoot in Oia at dawn

Everyone can decide that their big day is as they prefer, this applies to those who make a classic wedding but also for those who decide to have an intimate wedding like Carlotta and Nico.

In their idea of ​​ideal elopement there was also that of having an immortalized sunrise together. You must know that in Santorini the sunrise is on the opposite side of Oia (which is the best known part of the entire island) but the couple wanted the sunrise in the beautiful streets of Oia with its domes. Among other things, it was an excellent decision because normally at sunset or during the day the alleys are very full and to be able to take pictures it really becomes much more complicated. This is despite the fact that they got married in 2020 during the global pandemic. Whether you want it or not, the streets and corners of Oia are always full except at dawn when, in addition to being semi-empty, you find yourself in a wonderful light.

We leave you here a selection of photos of the elopement in Santorini in Greece by Carlotta and Nico.

Suppliers :

Location: Tenuta Sant’Anna 

Location Photo Session  : Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi

Chuch: San Bartolomeo’s Church, Vinovo

Flores :

Catering: Tenuta Sant’Anna

Vintage Car: 

Make-up e Hair Style :

Photo & Video : Blancorazon Wedding

Bride Dress : Immagine Sposi Grugliasco

Groom Dress : Carlo Pignatelli

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