Rome wedding photographer

Asiya & Roman

Asiya & Roman
Vatican City, Rome , Italy

Rome wedding elopement photographer

 I have never imagine a  post wedding shooting in Rome ( Italy ) that could be so perfect!

Asiya and Roman contact me by instagram when they already were in Rome for them honeymoon.

It was at the end of August and I was already in the city, and so happy to help them to have their dream post wedding session.

Post wedding shooting in Rome – Vatican City

We met in Piazza Navona that was already crown because it was at the late afternoon. 

Asiya was so elegant and glamour in her Eva Lendel dress and Roman was simply perfect.

I don’t speak Russian and they don’t speak English so much but it was magical and funny at the same moment because I was miming a lot and we laught so much.

After Piazza Navona we pass through via dei Coronari , Ponte Sant’angelo , Castel Sant’ Angelo.

Sunset wedding photo session at Saint Peter Cathedral – Rome

When the light was already wonderful with the amazing colors of the sunset we were at the Main Street that go directly to Saint Peter Cathedral.

We stayed until the dark and Asiya and Roman tell me the story of the traditional wedding they celebrated in Russia.

Bride Dress :

Location: Piazza Navona , Via dei Coronari , Castel Sant’Angelo , Vatican City , Rome

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