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Kiara & Cristobal
Gran Canaria, Canary Island , Spain

post wedding session in Tufia – Gran Canaria

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we love this type of photo shoot. Photo session that has the right dose of romance and adventure. Post wedding in Gran Canaria

This time we are in the Canary Islands for this photo shoot after the wedding. Cristóbal and Kiara decided to do a post wedding photo shoot in a little-known area of ​​Gran Canaria, a small town called Tufia.
When you think of the Canary Islands, you think of a beautiful sun and spectacular sunsets (here you can find a service on a sunny day). The day we did this photo shoot was not so sunny, I think the landscape is more reminiscent of Ireland or Scotland! I remember that in the morning we woke up to a beautiful sun and in the afternoon I saw what the clouds or a small mist could bring me. It was not like that, since that day for 3 others the worst sandstorm in the last twenty years. This storm has arrived, it’s called Calima, everyone was talking to me about Calima.
Everything is covered by a yellowish cloud that is actually sand dust from the Sahara desert. The landscape, as you will see, was wrapped in a strange filter that made everything very special. That was the first day that he followed Calima, another 4 days when the phenomenon showed no signs of follow-up.
Despite this, I had a beautiful photo shoot, but now I want to tell you more about Kiara and Toba (diminished by Cristóbal and everyone calls it that).

The love story of Kiara and Toba in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Kiara and Toba are two types and we can say that they are a technological couple, an instagram couple (well, I must say that I and my boyfriend have also met in an application).
They have been together for two years and have met on the famous social network. When starting a chat and from there everything was born, about 5 months they lived together. I think that nowadays there are more and more couples who know each other through Facebook, Instagram and even Tinder. As you can see, not only couples who know each other but go to the altar.
Do you think social media is a useful way to meet the love of your life? Well, from personal experience I say yes, even if it doesn’t always work.

Here I leave you a selection of photos from the photo session held in Tufia on a terrible day.

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