Paris elopement photographer

David & Anne
Eiffel Tower & Louvre Museum

Paris elopement photographer

To be a Paris elopement photographer is something we always dreamt about it.

If you are reading this blog you are probably looking for your elopement photographer in Paris ( France ) . A photographer who can enclose all your emotions and memories of such a special day.

Paris is the most beautiful city in the world at least for me, full of history art and incredible spots.

I want photography to be an experience for you two that makes you fall in love with each other again and again. I want to give you butterflies, I want to see your tears .. of joy (of course) !

I’m a romantic photographer, and I want to capture your real love!

If you are not scared to wake up early, or to be cold, if you like adventure, and if you love cloudy sunsets with epic landscapes, then ok, I’m the photographer for your love story.

Ceremony in front the Eiffel Tour – Trocadero

David and Anne are a young couple, that love travelling and discovering new places and decide to have their really intimate unique day in Paris. Between so many places in the world this is the city that they love most and were already 5 times before them elopement. 

Our proposal to take pictures very early in the morning to avoid the most iconic squares and spots in Paris full of tourists was happily received. We did the ceremony at 6:00 am in Trocadero Square with the incredible view of Eiffel Tour with an incredible atmosphere.

We took advantage of the tranquility of this hour to take the first photos after the ceremony around all the area and with an incredible sunrise. Paris is beautiful in every corner and if you have never been there you will discover it but there are some iconic spots that really leave you breathless.

Every time I do a photo shoot in Paris I get excited as if it were the first time and with our couples we take them to discover hidden points of the city that would be difficult to find as tourists.

A walk around Louvre Museum for them elopement 

After the ceremony in one of the most iconic places in all of Paris we had planned to reach the area of the Louvre museum.
Early in the morning there are still few people and they really enjoy this show, it was a super intimate moment.

You must know that in the Louvre area there are many wonderful places that can be the setting for your big day. Some of these places are super famous, others less so and give you an unexpected tranquility to be in Paris.
In fact, in the square of columns David and Anne were able to have their first dance.

After all, a morning so full of emotions cannot fail to be accompanied by a typical Parisian breakfast in one of her bistros.
I have to tell you that I love all the bistros in Paris you don’t need to search because there are wonderful ones everywhere so we stopped for a classic croissant and coffee. It couldn’t be more distinctive than that.

Pic Nic with Eiffel Tour View

Anne and David from the beginning had the desire that their elopement in Paris was as unique and unforgettable as their first date was.
For the first time they met in Central Park thanks to mutual friends during a picnic. So what better way to do something special in Paris, that’s why they decided to have a very romantic picnic brunch on the banks of the Seine. This was the most perfect way to finish them elopement day in Paris.

Why and how to elope in Paris – France?

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your vows exchange in France, you have to consider to elope in the most romantic city of the world! You have decided to elope in France but one of the most difficult things is to narrow down the where.

For sure the choices are many, if you’re looking for the best places to elope in France the capital Paris has to be mentioned. Paris is an elegant and luxury destination easy to fly to and plenty of incredible sceneries.

The city is big and you can achieve of whatever vision you have of your elopement, it can be more romantic or alternative but also luxury or underground.

I’m so proud of the brave couples who decide to elope in Paris, and I’m here to show you how amazing a full-day elopement in Paris can be! I want ot show you the beautiful places where you can get elope in Paris but also the variety of activities and locations you can include in your destination elopement in Paris.

We leave you here a selection of the images of the Paris elopement at Eiffel tower and Louvre Museum.

Paris elopement photographer

Photo & Video : Blancorazon Wedding

Planning: Elope to Europe

Mua & Hair: Bella Maydean

Flowers: Verde Fleurs Paris

Location: ParisTour Eiffel & Louvre Museum 

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