Maspalomas Gran Canaria elopement Wedding Photographer

Stine & Nakor
Maspalomas , Gran Canaria , Canary Island , Spain

Maspalomas Gran Canaria Elopement Wedding Photographer – Spain

I always wanted to go to the Canaries and I still hadn’t. What better occasion than to be the photographer of an elopement in the south of the island of Gran Canaria – Spain.

Maspalomas Gran Canaria Elopement Wedding Photographer – Spain

I couldn’t have asked for anything better.
It was a life that I dreamed of taking pictures in the desert and unfortunately I have not yet been able to do.

Elopement in Maspalomas Dunes

When Stine and Nakor told me that their elopement would give Maspalomas and I saw what Maspalomas was, I was amazed!
I would have had a desert elopement so longed for! In Maspalomas in the south of Gran Canaria where there are dunes that lead to the sea, if you’ve never been there believe me it really deserves!

It is really beautiful, I would say really impact! At some point out of nowhere you are in the middle of the dunes and I must say that the area is not small! I could say that from where they start to get to the water of the sea it takes about 10 minutes of walk or even more.

Sunset photo session in Maspalomas

The choice of location for me was really wow, especially towards sunset, it is something to take your breath away.
Being able to photograph these two wonderful guys in Maspalomas was wonderful.

There was immediately a good feeling (here I leave their couple photo shoot).

Stine as you can see from the photos is a beautiful girl with a face of incredible beauty, and she is Norwegian but she has lived in Gran Canaria for many years now. Nakor, on the other hand, is originally from the Canaries, where he lives and works and on the job that Stine and Nakor met.

I leave you here a selection of the elopement in Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

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Maspalomas elopement photographer


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