Maspalomas engagement Photographer

Stine & Nakor
Maspalomas , Gran Canaria , Canary Island , Spain

Maspalomas couple session Photographer – Spain

Did you know that if you are looking for desert dunes in Europe there are several places to find them.Maspalomas engagement photographer

I’ve always wanted to make a wonderful engagement photo shoot at the sunset on the dunes. In the end I did it and it was an honor to be the engagement photographer of Stine and Nakor in Maspalomas – Gran Canaria.

Dunes Deserts where to shoot an engagement in Europe.

You can also find similar dunes in Lanzarote also in the Canary Islands, where I have not yet been but it is on the list of places that I want to see and that are around the corner. A place where you don’t expect to see a sandy desert instead is the north of Europe. I guess not many will know the Slowinski Park which is located in the part of Poland located on the Baltic coast.

Maspalomas engagement session at the sunset

We found ourselves photographing Stine and Nakor in Maspalomas in February, on a beautiful day (the next day a very strong storm in Calima would arrive). Do not expect to find the desert with regards to the amount of people because it is actually one of the best known and most touristic places on the whole island. Everyone wants to see the Maspalomas sand dunes. Moreover, it is really easy to reach them!

Obviously the best times to take photos are sunrise or sunset and surely at dawn you will find fewer people, but in any case going deeper into the dunes you will not find so many people. So we did and I must say that Stine and Nakor are wonderful, the location is truly wonderful and the light made everything magical. That golden touch that can make everything even more romantic.
We had a lot of fun, Stine and Nakor ran between one dune and the other, they threw themselves into the sand and embraced each other with the sun that almost created a golden halo around them.
It was a really fun and romantic couple photo shoot in Maspalomas at the same time.
I leave you with the photos of the photo shoot carried out in the dunes of Maspalomas- Gran Canaria.

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Maspalomas engagement photographer