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Maldives Holiday shooting – Maldives wedding photographer

Very often we are asked which type of wedding or photo shoot we like best. It was on of my biggest dream to do a Maldives pre wedding at least one time in my life.

In addition, we are often asked which is the place that we like most or we liked to photograph. To be honest we like to travel by nature and every place always has something nice to offer. On the other hand, the most important thing for us are the people who are in front of our cameras. If I could say the moment we feel there is feeling and we are warmly welcomed, that is the moment when we know it will be even more beautiful.

Pre wedding on holiday in the Maldives

When you arrive in a place like the Maldives, you can only arrive with an open heart ready to live many wonderful experiences. We went to the Maldives to photograph the elopement of Sheyla and Antonio, but if in addition to being our job to photograph together to travel and remains our greatest passion then we could not stand idle.

Josema and I made several stages over several days and every day we made part of the pre-wedding photo shoot and the holidays. Sceneries of the Maldives are a postcard for anyone you imagine for us, at every sunset it was something to be amazed.

Here I leave you a selection of the pre-wedding photoshoot of the Maldives holidays.

Maldives wedding photographer: Blancorazon Wedding

Maldives pre wedding


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