Lugano Wedding photographer

Nadia & Emanuele
Vicania restaurant , Lugano , Switzerland

Lugano wedding photographer

Nadia and Emanuele are the protagonists of this story, they contacted me via facebook to ask me if I could be the Lugano wedding photographer.

For me it would have been the first wedding I would have photographed in Switzerland. In 2018 I went to Lugano to document their elopement to follow in 2019 I returned but this time for the religious wedding.

Religious Ceremony in Sant’Abbondio church – Lugano – Switzerland

In the previous days it had rained and it was cold luckily the first Saturday of September gave us a beautiful serene and warm day.
We reached the bride at the home of her sister, twin sister, where she got ready. You must know that Nadia has a wonderful baby and obviously she was there too, her name is Cloe. Cloe is wonderful and smiling, I had known her the previous year when she was only about ten days old.
In the house of other friends distant as the crow flies Emanuele was preparing with the help of two dear friends.

The ceremony took place in the church of sant’abbondio, a small but truly marvelous church. Thanks to the cypresses that create a frame thanks to the lake I can say that it is one of the most beautiful and collected churches that I have ever photographed at a wedding.

When we arrived at the church, Emanuele was very excited, indeed wonderfully excited. Particularly excited was the entry of Nadia preceded by their child. At that moment Emanuele was unable to hold back the tears, it was a very tender moment.

Wedding reception at Vicania Restaurant – Lugano

Photographer: Blancorazon wedding

Video: Blancorazon wedding

Venue: Vicania restaurant

Chuch: Sant’Abbondio Chuch – Lugano

Lugano wedding photographer


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