Lake Como elopement photographer

Pamela & Ryan
Lake Como – Italy

Lake Como elopement photographer

Surely being an elopement photographer on Lake Como is a dream for many photographers

If you are reading this blog you are probably looking for your elopement photographer in Lake Como (Italy) . A photographer who can enclose all your emotions and memories of such a special day.

Lake Como is unique young place in the north of Italy, full of little unique towns with incredible view to the hills landscape.

I want photography to be an experience for you two that makes you fall in love with each other again and again. I want to give you butterflies, I want to see your tears .. of joy (of course) !

I’m a romantic photographer, and I want to capture your real love!

In the case you are not scared to wake up early, or to be cold, if you like adventure, and if you love cloudy sunsets with epic landscapes, then ok, I’m the photographer for your love story.

Lake Como elopement planning

Who is not dreaming of a wonderful elopement on the shores of Lake Como? Lake Como is a super loved destination for luxury intimate weddings surrounded by scenery that will leave you speechless.

That’s exactly how they dreamed of getting married Pamela and Ryan, they always wanted an elopement on Lake Como, super intimate and wonderful at the same time.

How to organize an elopement in only 30 days?

A little more than 4 weeks before the big day Pamela contacts me via email telling me that she would have liked to make her elopement on Lake Como.

The date she had chosen was the 1st of July, it was very close but I knew that she could be organized.

Knowing the territory very well helps a lot in these cases so it has been done. Ancient villas are well known on Lake Como such as:

Villa del Balbianello

Villa monastero

Villa Melzi and Melzi Gardens

Villa Regina Teodolinda

Villa Balbiano

There are really a lot of them and most of them can be the incredible scenery for your elopement in Lake Como.

Not only the villas but also a lot of hotels at Lake Como could be the beautiful scenery for your intimate wedding.

Getting Ready and the elopement Ceremony

The day before their elopement Pamela and Ryan arrived at the Milan airport and then reached the hotel on Lake Como.
The big day had finally arrived, the first of July. The newlyweds are prepared for the elopement ceremony in Moltrasio in the Gran hotel Imperial Moltrasio which enjoys a wonderful view of Lake Como.

Following the preparation, the ceremony took place on the main terrace of the Grand Imperial Hotel Moltrasio. It was undoubtedly one of the most exciting ceremonies we have witnessed. None of us could hold back the tears and neither did the bride Pamela.

From the first moment Pamela saw Ryan she knew he was going to be the man of her life. After hearing this sentence of her promises we were very excited.

Boat Ride during the Lake Como elopement 

What can not miss in a perfect elopement on Lake Como? Definitely a wonderful villa and a ride with a beautiful wooden boat.

The boat on Lake Como is not only a wonderful experience but it is also the easiest way to get around.
Together with Pamela and Ryan we stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels ever, the Gran Hotel Tremezzo from which the boat ride started.

The tour of Lake Como just before sunset with background music cannot be missed and so it was done. During the tour, the couple enjoyed a wonderful view passing by Villa del Balbianello and the Cassinella.

Being the photographer of this elopement on Lake Como was wonderful!

Why to elope in Lake Como Italy?

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your vows exchange in Italy, you have to consider to elope in the North of Italy at Lake Como! You have decided to elope in Italy but one of the most difficult things is to narrow down the where.

For sure the choices are many, if you’re looking for the best places to elope in Italy the famous Lake Como has to be mentioned. Lake Como is an elegant and luxury destination plenty of incredible ancient villas but also with an incredible scenery.

I’m so proud of the brave couples who decide to elope in Italy, and I’m here to show you how amazing a full-day elopement in Lake Como can be! I want ot show you the beautiful places where you can get elope in Lake Como but also the variety of activities and locations you can include in your destination elopement in Lake Como.

We leave you here a selection of the images of the Lake Como elopement.

Como Lake elopement photographer Como Lake elopement photographer

Photo & Video : Blancorazon Wedding

Planning: Elope to Europe

Location: Moltrasio & Tremezzo 

Hotel: Gran Hotel Tremezzo

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