How to elope in Lake Como:  the complete elopement guide (2024/2025)

Eloping in Lake Como – Italy


You dream to having a luxury elopement in Lake Como


How and where to elope in Lake Como

If you are reading this article, it’s because you are interested in doing an elopement on Lake Como.
Lake Como is one of the largest lakes in Europe and it is located in the northern region of Italy, near Milan.
Lake Como is rich and attractive location for its historical and cultural heritage.
The beautiful scenery of Lake Como have been the backdrop to advertising for major international brands and successful movies.
In addition, a large number of celebrities live on the shores of lake Como.
Planning an elopement on Lake Como is a unique and exciting experience for anyone is looking for a stylish and luxury elopement in Italy with a touch of vintage class.

We are Patrizia & Josema , elopement photographers based in Italy, with this elopement guide we are going to give you ideas and personal suggestions for your Lake Como elopement.


  Elopement Guide for Lake Como

There are endless possibilities for your elopement on Lake Como.
You can choose to elope in a stylish way with a ceremony in a luxury venue and a romantic boat tour during sunset.
You can enjoy a dinner in a fancy restaurant or simply an aperitif in one of the small villages of the lake such as Bellagio and Varenna.
In this article, I want to show you a different kind of elopement on Lake Como, not the traditional one. You can elope in a modern way even in a traditional destination as this lake.
I want to talk with you about a new alternative way to live the Bella Vita on Lake Como with an unconventional touch of style.
Do you know how to elope on lake como?

Lake Como is a luxury destination, the perfect place for those who want to elope in a fancy way.
You can go from one Villa to another one by boat to take some cool pictures in the beautiful gardens and in the historical Salas of the venues.

You can find so many options for different budgets! According to your needs and preferences, I will guide you in choosing the best solution for you elopement on Lake Como.

how and where to elope in lake como


Yes, of course!

Foreigners can get married in Italy, however, there are two  documents you will need in order for your marriage to be legally binding. 

The easiest choise is to have a simbolic, beautiful and emotional ceremony.


Guide to elope in Lake Como

If you’re planning to elope in Lake Como area you will need your passport, birth certificate, an Nulla Osta, two witnesses and then you’ll also need to submit a declaration of intent to marry.  how and where to elope in Italy

Italy recognizes both religious and civil wedding ceremonies. For non-catholic religious weddings, a civil ceremony needs to be incorporated in order to make the marriage legal. If you’re interested in legally getting married in Italy, then you can find more information by contacting your embassy

In the case you you’re feeling overwhelmed with the steps, then you can always get married in your home country and have a symbolic ceremony in Lake Como. We love this idea because you both can still exchange vows and have an intimate ceremony, while not having to worry about the legality of things somewhere foreign to you. 

I can add that if you wanna do a civil wedding and not simbolic you can not do that every location you have in your mind but it has to be a ‘casa comunale’.

Some Venue are ‘casa comunale’ but mostly public lands are not casa comunale so in that case you only have a simbolic ceremony.

Lake como elopement guide-


The most beautiful Villas where to elope in Lake Como

Thousands of weddings and elopements took place on Lake Como in important residences such as luxury private villas or luxury hotels. 

Lake Como offers a variety of stunning wedding venues for the celebration of your civil, religious or symbolic wedding in the romantic towns of Bellagio, Varenna, Laglio, Cernobbio and many more.

In the main cities you can find luxury historic villas where to elope on Lake Como.

Among the most beautiful venues where to elope on Lake Como, you can find Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo that with its stunning architecture and the unique gardens built with Japanese technologies is able to surprise.

Elopement in Lake Como : BEST VILLAS

how and where to elope in Lake Como

The villas in Lake Como are some of the most beautiful venues of all Italy.

Each villa has its own unique style and charm. Some of them have become luxury hotels, while others are museums offering services in which you can organize a private dinner or an intimate ceremony.

Most Lake Como’s villas are far away from the center of the main cities. They’re surrounded by nature and beautiful gardens overlooking the lake. Here is a list of the most famous and stunning villas on Lake Como!


Best Villas in Lake Como to elope:

 – Villa Balbianello

 – Villa Balbiano

– Villa Melzi

– Villa D’Este 

– Villa Regina Teodolinda

– Villa Monastero

– Villa Pizzo

– Villa Serbelloni

– Villa Erba

– Villa Del Grumello

– Mandarin Oriental

– Villa Pliniana

– Villa Carlotta

– Gran Hotel Tremezzo

Villa Balbianello elopement

Villa Balbianello is the most fascinating and breathtaking venue for your exclusive elopement on Lake Como. 

The villa is located in Tremezzina and was built in the 18th century . 

It is located on a sheer promontory above the majestic lake. It will take your breath away thanks to its elegance and the uniqueness of its gardens falling towards the lake from a terrace overlooking a rocky cliff enriched by botanical art.

Here you can organize an intimate ceremony extremely elegant and classy in the Loggia Durini.

Our suggestion is to book the Villa for just a couple of hours to have an intimate ceremony and then take some couple pictures in the gardens.

Villa Balbianello can only reached by private boat and the tour on the lake can be a great experience for you and your guests.

Villa Balbianello intimate wedding: Lilia & Giorgio

Villa Balbiano elopement

Villa Balbiano is an exceptional and historical building situated in the small town of Ossuccio on the western part of Lake Como.

It is a perfect venue for a luxury wedding on Lake of Como.

The villa is a combination of extreme comfort and luxury and offers 6 bedrooms suites, an indoor endless swimming pool and an outdoor swimming pool facing the lake.

It is possible to celebrate a symbolic ceremony in the gardens but you can’t go inside the Villa. 

Villa Melzi

Villa Melzi is one of the most famous villas of Lake Como and is certainly a symbol of Bellagio. The Villa was built between 1808 and 1810. It has a beautiful English garden on the lakefront that offers a stunning view over the Lake for an elopement ceremony.
Villa D’Este
Villa d’Este is an international luxury venue with spectacular gardens situated in the town of Cernobbio. It is famous for its elegance and the eternal charm. It is the perfect location for a luxurious and stylish elopement.

The Villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden and offers imperial dining rooms for receptions.

Also in this case, the villa can be reached by private boat transportation.

Villa D'Este elopement

Villa Regina Teodolinda

Villa Regina Teodolinda is a dream venue with a unique atmosphere. This charming private villa is situated in the small village of Laglio.

It is possible to celebrate a symbolic ceremonies in the fabulous garden. The Villa offers accommodations too if you want to live an authentic Italian Experience on Lake Como.

Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero near the city of Varenna has  an eclectic style and beautiful gardens with exotic trees, statues and Venetian fountains. Here you can organize an intimate ceremony on the balcony overlooking the Lake Como.

If you prefer, you can have just a walk or an hour inside the Villa to take some cool pictures.

Villa Pizzo
Villa Pizzo is a beautiful private luxury villa situated in town of Cernobbio.

The magical garden is one of the most historical on the shores of Lake Como where it is possible to celebrate your elopement ceremony in an intimate atmosphere.

Lake Como elopement guide

Villa Serbelloni
Villa Serbelloni is one of the oldest and most elegant hotels in the Lake Como area and is situated in Bellagio. 

The salons and the large lakeside garden offer the chance to organize an elopement immersed in one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world.

Villa Erba
Villa Erba is a historical exclusive villa situated in the town of Cernobbio. The Villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden and offers imperial dining rooms where to host a romantic dinner.

Its garden can be a stunning frame for your elopement ceremony.

Villa del Grumello
Villa del Grumello is set in a stunning park overlooking the first basin of Lake Como. It is framed by century-old trees and enchants its visitors with its delicate atmospheres and its harmonious setting. A venue of international significance, the Villa is the ideal location to host a one-of-a kind elopement ceremony.

How and where to elope in Lake Como

Mandarin Oriental
For a more luxury elopement, the Mandarin Oriental is a five star luxury hotel situated not far from the town of Como.

It is surrounded by a gorgeous botanic park and is the perfect setting for celebrating a very elegant symbolic ceremony and host a a romantic dinner for the 2 of you.

Villa Pliniana
Villa Pliniana is an exceptional and historical palazzo situated in the small town of Torno on Lake Como. It is a perfect venue for family vacation if you want to book the entire Villa for just you and your guests.
Villa Carlotta
 Villa Carlotta is at the top of a beautiful terraced garden filled with different species of flowering plants favored by the mild climate.

Inside, the villa welcomes artworks of immense value. On the terrace of the Camellias or the room specially dedicated, you can make your own promise of love.

Gran Hotel Tremezzo
The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the most beautiful luxury hotel and the most ancient of Lake Como.

It is possible to book a private Sala of the hotel to have a romantic dinner or book a suite with terrace to hold a ceremony overlooking the stunning lake.

Thanks to its magnificent halls and the famous T-beach restaurant, it is one of the most famous venues on Lake Como.

Lake Como elopement at Gran Hotel Tremezzo: Pamela & Ryan

Gran Hotel Tremezzo elopement Lake Como

Main Towns in Lake Como: VARENNA & BELLAGIO

how and where to elope in Lake Como

Lake Como is not just fancy venues, luxury hotels and historical villas. In fact the local people live in beautiful towns along the lake. 

The most known are Bellagio e Varenna that are located in the central part of the lake. From Milan you can arrive there after an hour train ride by ferry.


– Varenna

– Bellagio

Varenna Lake Como Elopement


Varenna is a picturesque and traditional village, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como. You will visit one of the most typical and peaceful towns of the lake enriched by elegant villas and botanical gardens (such as Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi) and beautiful walks between history and nature (Castello di Vezio and Sentiero del Viandante).

Villa Balbianello lake como elopement

Bellagio is a small pearl located on the promontory that separates the two southern branches of Lake Como, those culminating in the cities of Como and Lecco.

It is a fancy and romantic destination with a colorful historic center, beautiful gardens (parks of Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi), charming neighborhoods (such as Pescallo or San Giovanni) and much more.


how and where to elope in Lake Como

The enchanting setting of Lake Como is a luxury destination for those who want to spend a relaxing stay between historic villas and charming restaurants.

The main town of Lake Como is Como which also gave its name to the lake.

The historic center of Como is enclosed within medieval walls that have several towers.

There, you can enjoy a walk through the streets of the center while eating an Italian gelato or you can stop at a bar to drink a great espresso.

Other interesting places to enjoy on Lake Como are: Lecco, Cernobbio, Tremezzo, Griante, Varenna, Bellagio, Menaggio, Lenno.


Here you are some examples of luxury hotels where to stay on Lake Como:

Hotel Villa Cipressi in Varenna

Hotel Villa Cipressi is a historic venue in Varenna, surrounded by botanic gardens.

It is a very good location for those who want to enjoy stunning views over the shores of Lake Como.

It offers a gourmet restaurant where to relax living the real Italian Bella Vita.

– Grand Hotel Tremezzo

 Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the most famous hotel of Lake Como.

Offering stunning views of Lake Como and Bellagio, Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a lovely property, perfect for a couple thanks to its romantic spots around the hotel.

It offers a modern wellness centre, numerous dining options and 3 swimming pools.

– Il Sereno Hotel in Torno 

Il Sereno is a small but very stylish hotel in Torno. You will be surprised by its original interior design.

It’s definitely different from the traditional ones thanks to its modern decorations but it offers beautiful lake Como views from another perspective.

 – Mandarin Oriental Hotel Lake Como

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a charming luxury hotel on Lake Como.

Mandarin Oriental offers classy guestrooms and suites, with 2 stand-alone villas, in Blevio.

It offers a fine restaurant where to enjoy a romantic dinner and beautiful gardens.

 – Grand Hotel Serbelloni of Bellagio

Grand Hotel Serbelloni of Bellagio is a luxury 5-star hotel. It is historic, highly elegant and it offers views of Lake Como and the Alps. It features 2 gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a spa with beauty centre.

Lake Como elopement


how and where to elope in Lake Como

Lake Como is the perfect choice for your elopement day if you are looking for a charming and luxury style. Here you can plan a dreamy Italian elopement with a touch of classy and timeless elegance thanks to the historic venues and the stunning views over the lake.

It is actually one of the most romantic destination in Italy.

Lake Como offers you the opportunity to choose among various luxury locations to celebrate your elopement day.

You can decide to do the ceremony in an historic villa overlooking Lake Como.

There are different options between balcony or bucolic gardens that can be enriched by floral arrangements to do an intimate ceremony. 

Then why not to enjoy a ride on a wooden boat to celebrate and make a toast.

Not to mention, there is an infinite number of gourmet restaurants where you can have a romantic dinner by candlelight.


how and where to elope in Lake Como

Lake Como elopement
We can say that Lake Como is very popular and in high demand destination.

The main problem is to book an exclusive villa or a private area on time to plan an elopement with style. 

The most famous Villas are highly requested and you have to move at least 4-5 months before to get in touch with them and book a day. Our suggestion is to start planning your elopement on Lake Como at least 6 months before your date so you can have the time to consider and book the most valid vendors for your elopement day.

The other problem is the boat ride. Even for the boat, we can suggest you to book in advance all the rides you have in your mind to move from one plane to another one. With the car, it is very difficult to reach the different destinations and it takes a lot of time.

Concerning the burocracy part, foreigners are not required to have legal residency for a wedding in Italy. All you need is the appropriate paperwork including your passport, birth certificate, an affidavit, and two witnesses. If you’re planning to elope in Italy, then you’ll also need to submit a declaration of intent to marry. 

You need to move at least 6 months before if you want to do a civil ceremony legally recognized in Italy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the steps, then you can always get married in your home country and have a symbolic ceremony in Italy.


how and where to elope in Lake Como

The easiest way to easily reach the various places of interest on Lake Como is not the car but the boat. How and where to elope in Lake Como

The boat ride is definitely an exciting and typical experience of Lake Como.

You can book different types of very stylish wooden boats that can lead you to discover the most beautiful historic villas overlooking the lakes.

Sometimes even the restaurants or famous hotels can be reached more easily by boat and not by car.

Lake Como boat trip

LAKE COMO SEASONS: When to elope in Lake Como?

Lake Como has a continental climate (cold winters and hot summers). The best time to elope on Lake Como is spring, summer and the beginning of autumn. 

In summer, temperatures are higher but the evenings are definitely warmer. In summer you can enjoy a day relaxing at the pool of your hotel while drinking a cocktail.

In spring, the days are warm and you will find beautiful colors around the stunning gardens of the luxury venues.

After the Christmas holidays until Carnival (low season), many restaurants and hotels are closed.

In autumn, you can find more rainy days and some services can not be available so we can’t suggest to go to Lake Como from November to the end of February.

When to elope in lake como Italy


Elopement exactly as wedding can be simple or with a lot of flowers and details in an incredible historical location privatized for you. There are no rules about what you have or what you don’t have to do during you elopement. These are some examples of the costs of and elopement in Lake Como.

As already said, Lake Como is one of the most beautiful and luxury destinations in Italy. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive place such as the Amalfi Coast.

  • marriage fee $ 150
  • flights for 2 $ 1200
  • location permit $ 0/ $ 4000
  • 3 night 4/5 stars hotel $ 5000
  • photographer full day $ 12000
  • dress and bride details $ 4000
  • hair and make up $ 900
  • bouquet $ 400
  • floral decoration $ 2500
  • suit and groom details $ 1500
  • private tour boat and guide $ 500
  • luxury dinner/lunch $ 600
  • officiant $ 700
  • TOTAL: $ 33.450
  • marriage fee $ 150
  • flights for 2 $ 1200
  • location permit $ 1000
  • 3 night 3 stars hotel/airbnb $ 600
  • photographer half day $ 7000
  • dress and bride details $ 2500
  • hair and make up $ 400
  • bouquet $ 300
  • suit and groom details $ 1000
  • elopement dinner/lunch $ 300
  • officiant $ 400
  • TOTAL: $ 14.850
  • simbolic wedding $ 0
  • flights for 2 $ 1200
  • location permit $ 0
  • 3 night at simple airbnb $ 500
  • photographer $ 5000
  • dress and bride details $ 500
  • hair and make up $ 0 by yourself
  • bouquet $ 150
  • suit and groom details $ 400
  • TOTAL: $ 7.750


vespa ride elopement fun idea

  • Relaxing at the beach
  • Rent a old Vespa to ride around the little villages
  • Eat italian Ice cream
  • Helicopter tour 
  • Cooking class for Italian food
  • Rent a boat 
  • Going at Orrido di Nesso
  • Hiking all around Lake Como
  • Rent a old fashion vintage car
boat ride Italian elopement


Logistic suggestion to arrive at Lake Como

Como is the main town on Lake Como. It is located just 40 minutes by train and about 1 hour drive from Milan, one of the biggest cities in the north of Italy.

From the main cities of the United States, there are direct flight to Milan Malpensa airport.

From the airport, you can take 2 trains to go directly to Como railway station or a private transfer by car to reach the lake. 

From Como, you can have a boat ride to reach the other main towns along the coast.

Our suggestion is to book in advance the services because it is a very highly requested destination. 

The car is not very recommended because to book a private transfer is very expensive and it takes more time than the boat to reach the different destinations.


  1. Book your flight
  2.       Google Flight
  3.        Sky scanner
  4. Book your Airbnb/Hotel
  5. Make your inspiration elopement board
  6. Start contacting vendors


Choose the outfit you love but be smart about it! If you are wanting be out in the nature or in the city center all day wear comfrotable shoes! We always suggest to our couples to bring a nice pair of shoes but also to have something to change with. You can totally wear a classic wedding dress but some couple want to wear something more casual. Wear everything you feel is your self!



Lake Como is one of the most fascinating destinations in Italy but if you are curious to discover more stunning places in Italy for your elopement, I suggest you to read my other guide on where to elope in Italy!



We are Patrizia and Josema, a wife and husband elopement photographers team. We love elopements and we also eloped in November 2021.

We would love to helping you planning your dream day in Lake Como, without no rules. An elopement is the experience about you that you will remember forever. Since we are local Italy elopement photographers we can help you in the entire planning suggesting the best location, vendors and timeline for your special day.

Attach a link if you have Pinterest or any other moodboard link inspiration about your vibe
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