Honeymoon session in Maldives

Angelina & Sebastian
Gulhi , Male south Atol , Maldives

Honeymoon photo session in Maldives – Gulhi wedding photographer

In November 2019 I was already in the Maldives for the simple reason that I should have photographed a wonderful elopement on the island of Maafushi. 11/11 was the day of Sheyla and Antonio’s elopement. Since November is a low season for me, I decided to fly to the Maldives a few days earlier and enjoy this paradise. Doing a Honeymoon session in Maldives was one of my dreams

Gulhi Wedding Photographer

The days before my arrival in Maafushi I had decided to visit another small island, which is called Gulhi. Here I met Angelika and Sebastian a wonderful couple of Polish boys who for their honeymoon had decided to see Srilanka and the Maldives.
Angelika and Sebastian Honeymoon between Srilanka and Maldives
Sebastian and Angelika met about 4 years ago introduced by Seba’s neighbors. Initially Angelika studied in Katowice and he worked in Krakow. After a couple of months they decided that seeing each other only at the weekend was not really what they wanted so they went to live together.

Honeymoon photoshoot in the Maldives 

You should know that Gulhi is a microscopic island, with about 10 minutes you have traveled the entire perimeter of the island. We found ourselves right in the same hotel as Seba and Angelika and the first evening they saw me go out to photograph and that evening there was the flood.

As an example, you must know that in the Maldives it is raining heavily and therefore it is often not a strange thing. That same evening in a hotel where there were yes and no 4 rooms we found ourselves chatting in the common areas.
As a result, once they found out that I am a wedding photographer, they decided that they could only ask me to do the photo shoot for their honeymoon.

The next day it was getting ready to rain again so there was no spectacular sunset. Initially we took some more life style photos on the beach with the swimsuit. As soon as it was 5 o’clock hoping for a beautiful sunset, Angelika put on her wonderful wedding dress, which she had carefully packed in the hopes of being able to use it. It was a lot of fun and I have to tell you from that photo shoot a beautiful friendship was also born. You know those friendships that are born on the road.

Here I leave you a selection of the Maldives honeymoon photoshoot.

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Honeymoon session in Maldives


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