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Lyon , France
France Lyon destination wedding photographer

I was so many time in France but this was my first time in Lyon  I might say thank you to the bride and the groom to choose as them Lyon Destination Wedding Photographer.

During a cold day in January the bride sent me an email, she had stumbled upon my site and would have received more information and so said done.  After a few days they came to Turin and we decided to have a coffee.

I do not know how to explain the feeling but without ever having seen each other before there was an affinity between us. Normally when you have a coffee it can mean about half an hour

Here we meet at 5 in the afternoon and at 8 in the evening we were still there talking! It was incredible, I knew that I would be very happy to tell their love story.
E. is a girl who comes from Turkey while the groom is originally from France .

I would call them citizens of the world a bit as I feel, they met in Turkey while he was studying there, while she previously did Erasmus in Spain.

They traveled a lot together but also lived in many places like Germany and South Korea.
What can I say I could have stayed there to chat with them for hours!
And that’s how when they decided to confirm me as a photographer for their wedding in Italy.

Then they asked me if I would have liked to be their photographer for the wedding that they would have celebrated a few days earlier in Lyon in France.

How could I have refused?

Wedding in Lyon city center

The groom send myself the ticket to get a spectacular airbnb reservation and advice on what to visit and see in Lyon, because they sent me to go there the day before! Show.

The following day the intimate wedding would be celebrated surrounded by a few close friends and relatives.

On 11 July I went to their home where in the cute house they were being prepared together.
In every corner there was someone who put on make-up, combed or arranged the last details, breathed a sparkling air!

When everyone was ready, we left for a short walk to the town where there was a spectacular room to welcome us .

After they arrived everything was made official in a bit of emotion but also some laughter for the celebrant of the town who had to read names in Turkish and also in Polish.

Once back home, the celebrations began, champagne was uncorked but at some point a surprise was ready and they didn’t expect anything and it was truly spectacular.

Classic Car surprise – Morgan

I went down with the brother of the groom and there was the surprise that had prepared to wait for us a wonderful vintage car that rented all afternoon.  The newlyweds knew nothing and were amazed and shocked at the same time.

They made a movie exit from the front door . All the friends ready to wait for them with the throwing of rose petals . Then we actually left for a wonderful tour of Lyon

and its hills.,we stop to take photos. The tour  finished in front of the entrance of the tete d’or park with its imposing gate that allowed us to take some truly unforgettable group photos.

It was an intimate wedding with 18 guests but with an incredible energy.

I must say that this was only the taste of what I would then experience during the wedding (wedding photo shoot in Coassolo) .

Location: Lyon Hills

Tete D’or Park

Lyon destination wedding photographer


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