Florence elopement photographer

Laura & Justin
Elope in Florence City Center

Florence elopement photographer

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and being able to photograph an elopement in Florence could only be a dream.

Undoubtedly wherever you want to do your elopement in Italy it will be wonderful but Laura and Justin have chosen an intimate ceremony in Florence and now I’ll explain why.

How long before their elopement in Florence do you think Laura and Justin contacted me?
I tell you! Only 2 months before and you can organize an elopement in such a short time, indeed for those who do not know it is almost normal.

I can definitely say they had super clear ideas. They knew that they would have liked the city of Florence to be the protagonist and that their elopement had many details and was no less for those who want a classic wedding.
Laura were sure I wanted to exchange their promises with the view of the Duomo of Florence. That city that she had welcomed her 10 years earlier when she first traveled outside the United States and went to study in Italy.

Getting ready for Florence elopement: AdAstra Hotel

Everything has been studied in detail, from the invitations, the paintings, the wedding favors and so also the locations where the various moments took place during the day.

We made the preparations in this boutique hotel in the center of Florence which is called Ad Astra and occupies a small wing of a private villa where the family lives inside.
The hotel has a total of 8 rooms, each one different from the other and all beautiful, with a modern style but still leaving the taste of the past.
The bride put on her makeup in the room next to the terrace with the walls of a soft sage green while Justin was in an upstairs room.

Once the preparation is finished it is time for the first look. Even though it was a late October day there was a wonderful sun and around 27 ° C so that the First look took place on the terrace of the hotel in Astra.
Both spouses were super excited and it was really beautiful.

Elopement Ceremony with fantastic view of Florence : Torre di Bellosguardo

In order to have a ceremony in a private area but with a wonderful view, another location was rented for the ceremony, which is also in Florence.
Torre di bellosguardo gives us an incredible view of the skyline of florence.
Laura and Justin exchanged vows in this wonderful setting surrounded by a floral embrace and accompanied by 3 violinists, their promises were wonderful and made them laugh but also move.

Torre di bellosguardo is another boutique hotel born inside a Tuscan villa with medieval and Renaissance architecture.

An elopement stroll through the alleys of Florence.

Laura lived in Florence 10 years earlier and wanted to relive that experience of walking through the alleys and creating eternal memories on her wedding day.
We could only be super happy to live this city with them.
Running through the alleys, among the people, on terraces that only she could know.
We stopped in a typical fiaschetteria because you can’t say no to typical Tuscan bruschetta and two glasses of prosecco. Then we continued towards piazza della signoria and the bridge where she used to go drinking with her friends about her adventure 10 years earlier.
From the bridge there was a wonderful view of the Pontevecchio perhaps one of the best in the city.

You will think that once it gets dark it is all over! But no! Florence is as beautiful during the day as it is at night and then we stopped at another place and we all took a spritz which, even if it is an aperitif born in Veneto, we know it all over Italy but probably all over the world.

Finally, on our way to the restaurant for their wedding dinner, we came across a camera for vintage photos that they didn’t want to miss.

Elopement Dinner at Hotel Helvetia in Florence

Such a beautiful and intense day could only end with a very romantic dinner in the heart of Florence.
Laura and Justin savored a tasting menu for their intimate wedding and did something wonderful during it.
Have you ever thought about having friends and relatives write you letters for your elopement?
They do! When 2 months earlier they communicated to friends and family that they were going to do an elopement in Florence, they also asked to write a letter.
So during the dinner they read them one by one, it was really wonderful.

To finish with a flourish, the cutting of the cake could not miss.

Why to elope in Florence Italy?

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your vows exchange in Italy, you have to consider to elope in Central of Italy in Florence! You have decided to elope in Italy but one of the most difficult things is to narrow down the where.

For sure the choices are many, if you’re looking for the best places to elope in Italy, the city of Florence has to be mentioned. Florence is one of the most famoust and beautiful cities in Italy, it’s the main city also of the most famoust region in ITaly that is Tuscany . It’s full of ancient villas but also with an incredible scenery with beautiful hills arounf the city center.

I’m so proud of the brave couples who decide to elope in Italy, and I’m here to show you how amazing a full-day elopement in Florence can be! I want ot show you the beautiful places where you can get elope in Florence but also the variety of activities and locations you can include in your destination elopement in Florence.

Here I leave you a selection of Laura and Justin’s elopement in Florence. For sure being the Florence elopement photographer for Laura and Justin was so incredible.

Photo : Blancorazon Wedding

Location : AdAstra

Restaurant: Cibreo

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