Engagement shooting Lyon

Clara & Manuel
Lyon , France

Engagement shooting Lyon – Photographer

In July I made a short trip to Lyon. I went to Lyon to document a wonderful intimate wedding and also did two beautiful couple photo shoots.

This is the service for which I traveled to Lyon (intimate wedding in Lyon).

Although I was there for this elopement the bride and groom cared very much about showing me their beautiful city. For me it was the first time so I was more than happy.

Lyon is beautiful and particular, it is all to be discovered and it is also hidden. Do you know its traboules ?! I didn’t even know what they were before.

Two Spanish physiotherapists  in Lyon – love story 

Clara and Manuel are the protagonists of these shots. To explain their history I have to take a few steps back. You must know that Clara and Manuel are two very young Spanish boys who have tried to make a dream come true. They both studied physiotherapy and at the end of their studies they found no luck in Spain.

For the same reason and without knowing each other first, they both moved to Lyon. Manuel originally from Madrid and she from Andalusia and it is here that they met while chasing the same dream while working.

Couple photo shoot in Lyon – Traboule and city center

Initially I thought of enjoying the city with my nose up. Subsequently, thanks to Facebook, Clara and Manuel wrote to me asking me to photograph them in the city that had adopted them and given so much.

I had just arrived, yes and no I had been in Lyon for a couple of hours so what better way than with someone who really knows it.

We met on the Place Saint-Jean in the old Lyon area and started to turn around without a real destination. First of all, we took advantage of the beautiful windows of old shops, after which we tried to open all the doors hoping to find an open Traboule.

Traboules are passages through courtyards of buildings that allow you to move from one street to another. Most of them are located in Lyon. You can also find someone in Villefranche-sur-Saone, Macon, Chambéry, Saint-Étienne, Louhans, Chalon-sur-Saône and one in Vienna.

By the way, you should know that not everyone is open to the public and in any case it is like entering people’s homes so it should be done without making too much noise.

It was a fun afternoon, thank you very much to Manuel and Clara for showing me the city of Lyon with their own eyes.

Here I leave you a selection of photos of the couple photo shoot in Lyon

fotografo : Blancorazon Wedding

Location : Place Saint Jean Lyon , Hotel de Ville Lyon , Traboule of Lyon


engagement shooting Lyon

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