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Claudia & Marco

Otranto , Apulia , Italy

Engagement photographer Otranto Apulia – Engagement shooting by night

When Claudia and Marco wrote me an email asking me if I could take a couple photo shoot with them in their beloved Puglia. I could only be extremely happy with it. Claudia and Marco are a couple who met me because we have a friend in common, for once it’s not thanks to instagram. In the case you are searching for and engagement photographe Otranto Apulia I will be you photographer more than happy.

First of all, you must know that this request was falling flat. First of all, I had never been to Puglia but no less important, just in September I would have had the wedding of Guillaume and Joke right there. Consequently everything had been perfectly organized, on Saturday I would document the wedding in the Masseria and on Sunday the photo shoot for Claudia and Marco.

Night couple photo shoot in Otranto

To start we decided to create the photo shoot in Otranto which is of incredible beauty and also has the sea and a beach. Everything had been organized by sunset but things do not always go as expected. Sometimes they are even better. It will be true that I love sunrises and sunsets but I also like to shoot in unexpected situations.
We were already in town but unfortunately Claudia and Marco arrived a little late.

Moreover, finding a parking space in Otranto for those who know it knows that it is not easy … the fact is that since sunset it soon became cooked. Consequently, the photo shoot was done at night between the narrow streets of the white city, but also on the belvedere. Unfortunately you will not be able to see the sea but the street lamps and lights of the city have given us a very romantic atmosphere, which I would not have believed.
In the end I can say that the delay of Claudia and Marco was fortunate because I believe that the photos that gave us this nocturnal Otranto otherwise we would not have had them.

Here I leave you a selection of the photo shoot made in Otranto

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Engagement photographer Otranto Apulia

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