Engagement photographer Cinque Terre

Laura & Adriano
Cinque Terre ,  Liguria , Italy

Engagement photographer Cinque Terre

Have you ever imagined a photo shoot in Cinque Terre? For anyone like me who is not from Liguria, he probably won’t know what Cinque Terre is. All in all I have to say that I didn’t know him either before they spoke to me. Engagement photographer Cinque Terre

Photo shoot in the Cinque Terre

Boccadasse is a predominantly residential neighborhood that extends from the ancient seaside village, characterized by pastel-colored houses with green shutters. The small pebble beach and the harbor area are lined with ice cream parlors and informal bars. From the terrace next to the Church of Sant’Antonio di Boccadasse you can admire the view of the sea and the village.

To put it briefly, it is a small pearl, really small where, however, time seems to stand still. The streets in this area of ​​Genoa are really two and the beach is small but it is really worth it.

Couple session in Cinque Terre – Liguria

On a late September day where the air is still pleasantly warm, we decided to spend the late afternoon in Boccadasse. That day I was in the company of Laura and Adriano, two boys from Genoa.

First of all I have to make a brief digression on how Laura and Adriano met. Imagine one of the most symbolic foods of our beautiful country … that’s pizza! Exactly they met exactly 2 and a half years ago while delivering pizzas both for the same pizzeria.

Between one delivery and the next they fell in love and so we arrived today to spend these hours before sunset on the Boccadasse beach. The people who strolled through the streets were many, obviously it is better to take advantage of the sunrise to have less crowd. Despite this, we found wonderfully quiet corners, where Laura and Adriano finally hugged each other and then kisses mile.

Ending the day on the beach watching the few fishermen on the rocks.

I can say that it was a photo shoot on the beach but not the typical one you imagine between sand and palm.

Here I leave you a selection of photos from the photo shoot in Boccadasse – Genoa.

fotografo : Blancorazon Wedding

Location : Borgo di Boccadasse a Genova , Spiaggia Boccadasse

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Engagement photographer Cinque Terre