engagement photographer Capri

Antonella & Luca
Capri , Amalfi Coast , Italy

Engagement photographer in Capri – couple session

Capri is a wonderful island, thousands of tourists visit it every year. Many visitors from all over the world come to Capri for their wedding or even simply for an engagement photoshoot. Engagement photographer Capri

The island is very popular and if you think of Capri you immediately think of a luxury destination. It is a destination particularly loved by the Chinese people and the Americans.

One thing I wasn’t aware of though is that the island opens and closes. In a nutshell, around March / April hotels and shops open while everything closes around October.

For example, I was in Capri for the first time in October, in the magnificent Quisisana hotel, and I heard about closure and I did not understand how an entire island could close. Instead it was just like that, everything closes en masse and restructures itself.

Couple photoshoot in Capri – Capri photographer

On a wonderfully warm day in mid-October, when the hotels and shops on Capri are preparing to close for the winter, I met with Antonella and Luca.

To start I will amaze you because Antonella and Luca are two native boys! Usually when you see a photographer with two guys in Capri you immediately think of foreign tourists instead! Antonella and Luca are originally from Anacapri, because for those who don’t know, the island of Capri is divided into two municipalities Capri and Anacapri.

Thanks to them I not only made a beautiful photo shoot in Capri but I also discovered the corners that can only be discovered with a person who has lived there for a long time or better.

Although October was the square of Capri and the best known areas were full of people but we slipped into its narrow streets that gave us new corners and colors that you can enjoy in these shots.

Gardens of Augusto and Faraglioni of Capri

First of all we stopped in some typical shop and fruit shop then they took me to see the Gardens of Augustus. For those who do not go to Capri for the first time, go there, you will find a beautiful view of the faraglioni and the gardens, however small and beautiful they are.

From the Gardens of Augustus we managed to make beautiful photographic shots with a view of the famous faraglioni of Capri. As a final point we walked the road that led us to the Certosa di Capri, the path was full of pink and purple flowers among which we stopped.

In conclusion I really have to thank Antonella and Luca first of all for choosing me as a photographer in Capri but also for showing their island with their eyes.

I leave you a selection of the engagement photo shoot made in Capri.

Photographer : Blancorazon Wedding

Places : Hotel Quisisana Capri , Garden Augusto Capri , Faraglioni di Capri , La Certosa di Capri


engagement photographer Capri

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