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Raquel & Sergio

Cabo de Gata, Almeria, Spain

Almeria engagement photographer – Engagement Arrecife de las Sirenas

I have been to Almeria several times and places like the Nature Park of Cabo de Gata have impressed me but I had never gone with the intention of doing a couple photo shoot. One of the most impressive landscape of Almeria engagement photographer is in cabo de gata.

As a wedding photographer in Turin and Madrid, I have traveled a lot to find locations, but Cabo de Gata is special thanks to its picturesque places and its spectacular light. Among the places that attracted me most were Arrecife de las Sirenas and the Cabo de Gata Lighthouse.

I met Raquel and Sergio, a young, nice and super pretty couple for their engagement photography service.

Sergio is from Antequera (Málaga) and Raquel is from Almería. They met in 2012 while Sergio studied in Germany and came to Almería to visit his sister. From this moment love arose between them. He decided to come to do a master’s degree in Almeria.

Sunset engagement shooting at arrecife de las sirenas

To begin, we decided to meet in the Cabo de Gata lighthouse area. We met an hour before sunset time when the light is less perhaps.
The area is wonderful because for the shots you can have mixed landscapes between cliffs and mountains but not only. On the other side there is this rock in the middle of the sea with the two tracks that are used for the boats that make everything very special.

I leave a selection of your couple session in Cabo de Gata.



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