elopement in Seville

Chloe & Charlie
Modern and Chic elopement in Seville – Spain

Elopement in Seville

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and being able to photograph a urban elopement in Seville could only be a dream.

Undoubtedly wherever you want to do your elopement in Spain it would be incredible!

How long before their elopement in Seville do you think Chloe and Charlie contacted me?
They decided to contact me around 1 year before their elopement in Spain, usually destination elopements are planned between 10 and 2 months in advance.

How to choose to have an Urban elopement in Seville:

Choosing the destination of your elopement is not always obvious and simple, certainly knowing whether you want to spend an adventurous day or perhaps a more luxurious and relaxed one helps.

in the case of Chloe and Charlie, however, it wasn’t that complicated because they fell in love with the photos of a couple that I photographed previously (Andrea & Alex’s elopement). They had absolutely no doubt that this beautiful, colourful, lively and young city was the perfect destination for their romantic escape. This is why Seville was the destiny of their elopement

Getting ready for Seville sunrise elopement

Chloe and Charlie decided to prepare for their elopement together.

It was around 5 in the morning when the make-up artist arrived to prepare Chloe, it was still night. But Charlie and Chloe decided to declare their love in Piazza di Spagna with the light of dawn.

As soon as Chloe’s hair and makeup was ready it was time to get dressed. Everything was done without any stress and Charlie got dressed first and then helped Chloe with her outfit. Telling you that they were extremely beautiful wouldn’t be enough! Really beautiful and simple at the same time.

Relaxed sunrise walking in Spanish Square in Seville 

Do you know what? Although normally in April in Europe at dawn it could still be chilly in Seville this is usually not the case. Seville is also called the oven of Spain, due to its heat. So even though it was dawn on an April day, believe me it wasn’t cold.

We had a wonderful walk in one of the most iconic places in Seville, the Spanish Steps. The dawn gave us incredible peace.

Elopement vow’s exchange in Seville

I always tell my couples that there are no rules for their elopement. It’s their elopement and it’s their time to decide. So who said that you necessarily have to have a officiant for your ceremony.
Chloe and Charlie really thought so and decided to exchange flights without any celebrant but only with their words of love. I assure you it was wonderful.

Eloping is an amazing experience: food tasting Churros and Tapas around Seville

How to complete one of the most beautiful days of your life if not the most beautiful?

Running through the small streets of the center of Seville, entering many small bars to try the churros with chocolate. But not only! Imagine all the tapas in the world, food, food and lots of fun. This is what Chloe and Charlie wanted to do.

First they relaxed on the terrace of their hotel by opening a bottle of Cava (Spanish Champagne) and then off through the streets of the Jewish quarter of Seville.

Why to elope in Seville Spain?

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your vows exchange in Spain, you have to consider to elope in the South of Spain in Seville! You have decided to elope in Spain but one of the most difficult things is to narrow down the where.

For sure the choices are many, if you’re looking for the best places to elope in Spain, the city of Sevillle has to be mentioned. Seville is one of the most famoust and beautiful cities in Spain, it’s the main city also of the most famoust region in Andalucia. It’s simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I’m so proud of the brave couples who decide to elope in Spain, and I’m here to show you how amazing a full-day elopement in Seville can be! I want ot show you the beautiful places where you can get elope in Sevillw but also the variety of activities and locations you can include in your destination elopement in Seville.

Here I leave you a selection of Chloe and Charlie’s elopement in Seville. For sure being the Florence elopement photographer for Laura and Justin was so incredible.

Photo : Blancorazon Wedding

Elopement Planner: Elope to Europe

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