Elope in Rome

Ariel & Daniel
Rome , Italy

Elope in Rome

To be a Rome elopement photographer is something we always dreamt about it.

If you are reading this blog you are probably looking to elope in Rome ( Italy ) .Rome is the capital city of Italy. Rome is located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula,along the shores of the Tiber, and the Vatican City (the smallest country in the world) is an independent country inside the city boundaries of Rome, the only existing example of a country within a city. Rome is often referred to as the City of the seven Hills due to its geographic location, and also as the “Eternal City”. 

Rome is unique place full of history where  Ariel & Daniel decide to elope.

I want photography to be an experience for you two that makes you fall in love with each other again and again. I want to give you butterflies, I want to see your tears .. of joy (of course) !

I’m a romantic photographer, and I want to capture your real love!

In the case you are not scared to wake up early, or to be cold, if you like adventure, and if you love cloudy sunsets with epic landscapes, then ok, I’m the photographer for your love story.

Organizing the elopement in Rome

A little over 2 months before their elopement in Rome Ariel contacted me via instagram.
After just over 2 hours we were already in a video call, I still remember that Ariel had just left the gym and she wanted to tell me as soon as possible the idea of her elopement of her in Rome.
There was no doubt, in April she and Daniel would have come to Italy for a nice trip and in the Eternal City they would have liked to have their intimate wedding.

How does Ariel & Daniel organized them elopement? How they decided to elope in Rome?

It was all so clear in their minds, they had seen our photos in wonderful Rome and they would have really wanted something similar. From that moment on we started organizing, we had just over 8 weeks but it was all super simple.

In the following weeks, I helped organize their dream. Daniel and Ariel are a couple who have traveled a lot around the world and for their elopement in Rome they wanted a fun day that reflected everything they like to do together.

The elopement day in Rome

Trevi Fountain – Spanish Steps – Piazza Navona 

So finally two months after the first video call we arrive at the big day, the elopement in the Eternal City.
The alarm was set very early because the ceremony was celebrated at the Trevi fountain. Carrying out a wedding ceremony at the Trevi Fountain is not easy for a large number of tourists so we always recommend that you wake up early.
Following the first look and the ceremony at the Trevi fountain, a walk along the center during the morning followed. Could not miss a typical Italian breakfast with croissant and coffee so it was done.

Vespa and Pasta experience during them elopement in Rome

For a wonderful and energetic couple like Ariel and Daniel, wonderful experiences in the narrow streets of Rome could not be missing.
We had a really great time, it felt like I was with a couple of old friends. The whole atmosphere was perfect and super relaxed. As you can see from the photos during their elopement in Rome they tasted a very good ice cream, drank two spritzes and certainly could not miss a delicious plate of pasta.

We leave you here a selection of the photo shoot of the elopement in Rome.


elope in Rome

Photo: Blancorazon Wedding

Planning: Elope to Europe

Location: Rome City Center

Mua & Hair: Anna C.

Vespa: Bici&Baci Roma

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