Alberobello elopement photographer Apulia

Mary & Giacomo
Alberobello, Apulia , Italy

Alberobello elopement photographer Apulia

To be a Alberobello elopement photographer in Apulia is something we always dreamt about it.

If you are reading this blog you are probably looking for your wedding photographer in Apulia. A photographer who can enclose all your emotions and memories of such a special day.

The south of Italy especially Apulia is undoubtedly an area as sought after as it is beautiful with a lot to offer.

Intimate wedding between the trulli of Alberobello.

Mary and Giacomo met two years ago while Mary was working in a small company near by Alberobello. She is from Monaco , in Germany , and in just 1 month fall in love with the beauty of apulian land and also apulian food.

They met in a bar, exactly in the Giacomo’s bar in Ostuni area.

Sure Mary and Giacomo are really just but really in love so after one year and a half of relashionship Giacomo ask Mary to be his wife.

Since th historical moment they would love to have an intimate wedding in a place that for them is really special. Alberobello is exactly the place where they had the first kiss. have really wanted

So we couldn’t refuse whe they call as for so romantic and sweet elopement in Alberobello.

The beauty of this village full of trulli in incredible, it seems fabulous.

Their decide to read them vows on the top the Trulli roof where no one can see them but them can see the sunset, it was magical.

First dance and first song during Alberobello elopement in Apulia.

As you know elopement as intimate weddings doesn’t have any rules in spite of everything Mary and Giacomo decide to have the first dance.

Not only a first dance, since Giacomo study at the conservatory from 15 years he decide to play a song and to sing.

It happen in the middle of the street and he sung ‘ me so imbriacato’ , a tipical roman song for her.

After that song we put the first dance and they had also the first dance, it can0t be more magical.

Have you ever thought of making an intimate elopement / wedding without having to give up anything?You would do the dressing, the ceremony, the promises as well as the first dance.

We leave you here a selection of the images of the elopement in Alberobello in Apulia.

Photo & Video : Blancorazon Wedding

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